5 Causes Of Back Acne And How To Prevent Them

back acneBack acne… It is my pet peeve. I have spent what seems a lifetime trying to fight it. 

With back acne you likely have had to kiss your strapless dresses goodbye, oh and for you more manly folks..tank tops. 

How to get rid of back acne seems to be asked just as much as how to get rid of face acne! However, acne is acne wherever it happens to be. The causes are the same: dirt, dead skin and oil cause you to breakout.

Through my own experiences, I found these 5 reasons why most people break out in bacne. And just because I’m a nice guy I have also given you “my prevention tactics”. your welcome.

#1 Cause: Clothes Irritating The Skin.

I’m a gym goer, so in one part I would benefit from the regular exercise but one weird downside was that if I didn’t shower after my workout I would feel the bacne coming…

Why? Becuase the build-up of sweat, dirt, oil on the fabric rubbing against the skin causes irritation and leads to those nasty red bumps surfacing.

Prevention Tactic:

Basically, after a workout, you MUST shower if you want to prevent your back acne from resurfacing.

It might be a slight annoyance to shower & switch clothes straight after a workout but seriously taking a few minutes to let your body (back) breathe will save you the big hassle of dealing with more back acne.

#2 Cause: Cosmetic Products Blocking Pores.

Yes, your makeup, conditioner, sunscreen, body cream, massage oil, cocoa butter…They are all blocking your pores leading to irritation leading to acne.

Prevention Tactic:

Here a few specific tactics:

  • Bring your head forward and rinse your hair forward to avoid residue of conditioner staying on your back.
  • Use “quick dry” sunscreen
  • Use lotions instead of creams, they are less likely to block your pores as they are more water than oil
  • If your gonna use massage oil, just make sure you shower afterward to open up your pores. I made this mistake after a back massage and next morning I had 3 raging pimples on my lower back..what a way to wake up.

#3 Cause: Bad Diet Can Lead To Bad Skin

I always found the more junk I eat, the more bacne would appear. So if you want a better complexion lay off the takeaways a bit and get the salad instead…

Prevention Tactic:

There have been links that show a connection between food high in dairy and acne but then again any extreme of anything is not healthy.

You could give it a try cutting down on the milk and cheese and see if that helps but I would say just try and eat a more balanced and healthy diet. Type “healthy balanced diet” on google for some ideas. Remember Google is a wonderful thing!

#4 Cause: Washing The Face But Not The Back During A Shower.

Yes…Seriously… No brainer right…WRONG. You will honestly be surprised how common it is for people shower and neglect their backs.

The main reason for this is that the back is an awkward part of the body to wash.

You end up doing gymnastics in the shower if you don’t have a back scrubber (hint: for prevention tactic).

Prevention Tactic:

  1. Treat your back like your face..give your back the love and care you give to your face (sounds weird when I said it to myself, but you get what I mean).
  2. Get a back scrubber (Did you get the hint).

#5 Cause: Your Parents Had Acne

I am predisposed to acne, As both my parents had it, unfortunately. It is well documented that acne is hereditary.

Prevention Tactic:

You could go to a dermatologies or you could try some over the counter treatments. I did both…but have no fear, I actually found one thing that can beat the genes when it comes to acne…

The Number #1 Way I Prevent My Back Acne From Resurfacing.

This is my #1 recommended Back Acne treatment called AcneZine:acnezine acne treatment

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It really does two things:

  1. It ELIMINATES your whiteheads, blackheads, redness, and pimples. Sometimes I used to get these large cysts on my lower back…Wasn’t fun.
  2. It PREVENTS breakouts, this was a game changer for me. Most things I tried did clear my acne to a degree but it would always strike again. How does AcneZine do this? By using natural ingredients that work from the inside-out.
  3. Yes, I  know I said two but…This one is important. It works within weeks. If I have peaked your interest in AcneZine read my review here to see why I think of it so highly.